Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Revival of The Brain

It's been so long. I feel I've changed but have I really? I have finally graduated and I am now pursuing the career I wanted all along but with certain degree of difficulty. Looking back at it all,everything felt like a series of insurmountable challenges. 

The challenges are still there but they have morphed into different forms. The desperate loneliness of my early varsity days are finally over and I have found a new and wonderful circle of friends. The social awkwardness is less now,with my mouth and mind becoming more and more fluid everyday. I am slowly finding myself. But the biggest challenge remains. The nearly unbearable constant physical pain. 

Sometimes,I wonder if all this pain is a manifestation of a bigger mental issue or was I so deeply influenced by Hugh Laurie's brilliant character of Dr.Gregory House. I need effective pain management.I know that painkillers can't help forever and the day will come when I will need more. 

But I hope I'll find new ways to manage the pain before it gets to that. Despite all that,my passion for film making has not dulled the slightest. I am still as passionate about it as when I ordered the first edition of New York Film Academy's catalog. But that is also where it has stalled. I have lost the source of inspiration,drained by constant pain. It's just so much pain. But I take heart in the new dawns of late. I will not give up. I will start a new story and this will be my writing medium.You can look forward to that.

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